Devine Extra Virgin

Our devine cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is our premium line that only comes from single orchard, hand picked, Gemlik olives.  This is very important as we use only one type of olive pressed by traditional techniques to create an olive oil that is consistently; smooth, buttery, with a  hint of nutty sweetness, leaving the pallet with an olive finish.

With its unique taste and purity, Nefiss Lezizz Devine Extra Virgin Olive Oil will change the way you look at olive oil!


Grown on the coastal mountains of the Marmara Sea, south of Istanbul, Nefiss Lezizz is produced in the remote state Gemlik by olive oil artisans. Because of the harsh environment of this region, these olives survive through extreme conditions of very hot summers and snow in the harvest season.

Like wine, olive oil offers wide range offlavours, colours, and aromas. These vary by geography, soil, climate, and fruit. With their small seeds and thin gull, Gemlik olives havea characteristic, structure and taste, which is unique to any place in the world.

Our Process

Keeping with its tradition that dates back thousands of years, Nefiss Lezizz brings this cold pressed Extra Virgin olive oil to your table through old-fashioned techniques. Our hand picking methods produce better olive oil than fruit harvested with a shaker, rake or row type harvester. Once hand picked these olives are placed in baskets, hand separated and brought to the mill for pressing within 8 hours. Only one character of olive, Gemlik, is used in the production of our oil. The olives are then separated by hand where the large ones are sent to be pooled and cured in fresh water and sea salt for table olive consumption and the small ones are sent to the mill to be pressed, bottled and packaged.

What separates Nefiss Lezizz from most oil producers is we also produce table olives. These very highly sought after olives are the same olives used in the production of our olive oil.  The olives are pooled for at least 6 months using only fresh water and sea salt.  This traditional method of olive curing is very rare in the modern day where dyes and lyes now dominate.  We are also the only company in the world to produce a smoked sundried Gemlik olive, which can be consumed as a diet olive.