Alp Cetin International is a family owned company

that was originally founded by Ahmet Cetin in the early 70’s where he owned and operated an olive oil factory in the remote region of Gemlik Turkey. Using olives from family land that dates back hundreds of years and techniques passed down from many generations Ahmet was very successful in creating small amounts of boutique olive oil.

In 2007 Mustafa Cetin, his son, took over the family business and began to expand and grow the company under the brand Nefiss Lezizz.  Starting from the ground level Nefiss Lezizz and the Cetin family has its hand in every step from production, exporting, importing, sales and distribution from “Branch to Your Table”.  As Nefiss Lezizz began to grow Mustafa began working with his lifelong family friend Spencer Barber.  Carrying on with it’s tradition and quality Nefiss Lezizz now produces and carries over 20 different unique products across the North American marketplace.