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Mention on The Weekly Grape!


We were fortunate to meet Erin at the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. She was kind enough to give us a mention on her blog!

While he wasn’t representing a winery or a wine or even a restaurant for that matter, one of the nicest guys at the event was selling– olive oil. And not just any olive oil- Turkey Olive Oil. The company is Nefiss Lezizz Mustafa and his partner were there to bring us the best darn olive oil this side of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. He was also sampling olives. And man were these olives delicious! We ended up purchasing olives (2 types), olive oil and then Mustafa threw in some spices and some free soap (which I might add I have in my bathroom and the smell of this soap is simply amazing). I really think his next line of product should be perfume or candles or something!

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